11 Legit Toughest WWE Wrestlers Of The Attitude Era

10. The Harris Brothers

The Harris Brothers were legendary in the Attitude Era locker room. Don Harris and Ron Harris worked as 8-Ball and Skull as part of the Disciples Of Apocalypse in 1997, but it was behind the scenes that their legend was made. Everyone in the WWF recognised them as genuine tough guys, and they ruled the roost when it came to keeping order amongst the boys. Shawn Michaels even claimed that they had his back in 1997 at Montreal, and they were going to rip Bret Hart to bits if he tried anything dodgy. Funnily enough, Hart claimed the brothers were furious with the screwjob, and wanted to rip Michaels to bits! JBL has also referenced the Harris' fearsome toughness, and cites them as two of the guys who were readied for greeting any WCW wrestlers who turned up looking for a fight after 1997's DX invasion of Nitro.
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