11 Reasons Why The Million Dollar Man Was WWE's Biggest Heel

After all, everybody's got a price.

Professional wrestling has a colorful history of dastardly villains doing things a normal person wouldn€™t dare. To elicit a genuinely heated reaction from the crowd took a level of finesse that only a few have ever truly mastered. A role pioneered by the legendary Gorgeous George €“ whose persona was later emulated by the likes of Muhammad Ali €“ a true €œheel€ lives to be hated. We have seen our fair share of great examples over the years. The recently-departed Ox Baker caused riots in the 70€™s with his signature heart punch. €œThe Nature Boy€ Ric Flair made a career out of being €œThe Dirtiest Player in the Game.€ Mr. McMahon was the tyrannous corporate boss who made employees join his €œKiss My Ass€ Club. €œRowdy€ Roddy Piper would cross lines every chance he was given. But if you ask me, one guy leaves them all in the dust. €œThe Million Dollar Man€ Ted DiBiase could very well be the greatest antagonist the wrestling business has ever witnessed. A concept born in the brain of Vince McMahon, €œThe Million Dollar Man€ was the alter ego the evil genius had dreamed of performing himself if his father hadn€™t steered him away from stepping into the ring as a wrestler. Instead, Ted DiBiase was given the golden ticket to stardom. To say he took the character and ran with it would be an understatement. Here are 11 Reasons Why €œThe Million Dollar Man€ Ted DiBiase was the Biggest Heel in Wrestling.
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