11 Shocks WWE Could Pull At Royal Rumble 2016

10. The Undertaker In The Rumble

Joe DeFranco posted a video this week, showing Mark Calaway lifting a tremendous amount of weight. The specialist trainer commented "The #Undertaker Deadlifts 405x3 from pins! 25 years in the ring and this WWE legend STILL makes 405 look like 135!". What could be the case is that he's getting pumped up ahead of an appearance in the Rumble this Sunday. He'd enter the match, likely kicking off an angle with whomever his nemesis is for WrestleMania. Given his increased work load in 2015, there's definitely a chance he could be fit enough for a decent fifteen minutes or so in the Rumble match. On the other hand, maybe his DeFranco session was just about getting in shape for Mania a few months down the line.
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