11 Things That Only Make Sense In Wrestling (... AND Nowhere Else)

Wrestling: the place where people spit venom and interference is rarely punished.

Jinder Mahal R Truth

You likely realised long ago that when you chose enjoying the world of professional wrestling as your new hobby you picked a very strange pretend sport to invest your time in.

Now sure, it's also a properly magnificent business at times, a place which can leave you roaring at the top of your lungs at the visual of an underdog babyface lifting the big one or balling up your fists at dastardly heels cheating their way to glory. 

But there's simply no escaping the fact that wrasslin' is still a largely bizarre universe. And it's one that often contains moments that would seem entirely odd if they went down anywhere outside of this pre-determined source of entertainment.

At this stage, though, the average wrestling viewer has just come to accept everything from human beings walking around with supernatural powers, to invisible cameras capturing some performers' more "private" conversations. 

They've become desensitised to consistent inconsistencies and the baffling logic that has helped make professional wrestling the utterly chaotic industry it is today.

So, and with a nod to the brilliant folks over on r/SquaredCircle who spotted a ton of this weird kayfabe logic, let's take a closer look at the stuff seen going down inside of this wrestling bubble that would leave a non-fan scratching their head.

11. Got A Problem? Wait All Week And Then Talk About It For The First Time In The Ring

Jinder Mahal R Truth

This one may not be quite as silly as it once was thanks to the invention of social media, but you'll still struggle to get through a single week of wrestling television without it popping up.

In any other situation outside of wrestling, if another human being upset you with their words or actions, there's a strong chance you wouldn't leave it all that long before responding. 

And even if you did let the dust settle a little before reacting to getting jumped or verbally abused by a real-life rival, you'd probably give it a day or a few max before speaking your mind, right?

Within this strange universe, though, waiting a whole week or even longer before making your first comments on a tense situation in front of an arena full of people is the peculiar norm. Just to really drag out that drama.

Admittedly, stars like Drew McIntyre, The Rock, and many others have opted to take to Twitter/X or Instagram to spit out the odd dig and reply (or 20-minute promo!) here or there to keep a feud simmering along in the time between shows in more recent times.

But more often than not, you'll still find wrestlers waiting a full week to react to getting beaten down or called out by an enemy. 

Can you imagine being suddenly criticised by a colleague at work, storming out of the building that day, and then waiting a whole seven-days or more to let them know how you feel in front of a room full of staff and/or customers? Weird.

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