11 Things You Didn't Know About Diamond Dallas Page

You never saw these facts coming!

Get ready to feel the BANG! Diamond Dallas Page has been announced to join the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s about time.

As a former three time WCW Heavyweight Champion, Page has some pretty impressive credentials inside and outside of the ring. He probably should have been inducted years ago, but it's good to finally see the man get his due. Of course, his WWE run was the stuff of legend (for all the wrong reasons), but his work in WCW solidified him as one of the top players in the business during wrestling's biggest boom period. Due to his everyman nature and insatiable hardworking demeanor, he connected with the audience in a way that few wrestlers have over the past couple decades.

Despite all of his accomplishments in the ring, his post-wrestling career is perhaps even more impressive. Sadly, far too many men and women exit the sport far worse off than they came in. Not Page. In retirement, he developed a Yoga program that exploded in popularity and earned him followers across the planet. Countless people have claimed they’ve got in the best shape of their life because of DDP Yoga, while others say it has flat-out saved their lives. Scott Hall and Jake Roberts both credit Page with helping them turn their troubled lives around.

With this much anticipated induction, now is the time to look back and reveal some lesser known facts about his fascinating life and career...


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