11 Things You Didn't Know About Diamond Dallas Page

11. His WrestleMania 6 Cameo

While working as a commentator in Florida Championship Wrestling in the '80s and early '90s, DDP also ran a nightclub in the area called Norma Jeans. At the club there was a famous pink Cadillac, which is the one that showed up at WrestleMania 6 to drive Rhythm and Blues to the ring. This was so Honky could perform his “hit” song “Honka, Honka, Honka, Honky Love”.

The driver of that vehicle was none other than Page. It's hard to recognize him, as he’s wearing a chauffeur's outfit with a hat and sunglasses. Most of the shots are through a windshield as well. But rest assured, it’s the future king of bada bing behind the wheel.

An interesting side note is that years later, Ultimate Warrior (who main-evented Mania 6 against Hulk Hogan) came up to Page and Goldberg in WCW and told the two that they were part of the reason why he wanted to get back into the ring. Also, twelve years after Mania 6, DDP returned to the Skydome in a bigger role. He actually got to compete at the show.

While he wasn't in a marquee bout, he was able to capture the European Championship from Christian that night in a fun midcard match.


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