11 Things You Might Have Missed From WWE Fastlane 2016

Hints and nods on the road to WrestleMania!

Fastlane has come and gone, and biggest news from the event is that, despite thousands of fans clamoring for a swerve, WWE chose to stay the course. Once again, Roman Reigns is the number one contender heading into WrestleMania, and Reigns-Triple H match that we all hoped was so obvious it couldn't be true was just, well, obvious. "The Game" and his chief rival stared each other down under the WrestleMania sign, and at once, WWE fans around the world all knew that this year, the road to WrestleMania is a straight line. The undercard was equally predictable, though largely in a good way. Kalisto and Kevin Owens retained their championships, making them available for new programs heading into the show of shows, while Divas' Champion Charlotte appears to be on a collision course with the victorious Sasha Banks (or possibly Banks and Becky Lynch). AJ Styles won his first feud in WWE, hopefully meaning that he'll be the recipient of a high-profile singles match at WrestleMania. What about the stuff that wasn't so obvious, though - the asides, foreshadowing, and bonuses from the last Pay-Per-View event before WrestleMania 32? We've got you covered - here are 11 things you might have missed from Fastlane:

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