11 Times Wrestlers Were Pissed Off For Real In The Ring

10. Eddie Guerrero Loses His Cool After Vickie Misses Her Cue - SummerSlam, 2005

Shawn Michaels Vader

When it came to the late, great Eddie Guerrero, you were regularly guaranteed world class technical wrestling, a charismatic personality, and a boatload of unrelenting passion.

However, though that last quality would regularly manifest itself in rousing displays in-between the ropes and captivating work as an intense heel, every now and again said passion would boil over into frustration.

Never was this more apparent than when Guerrero absolutely lost his sh*t when his wife Vickie completely missed her queue during his grudge ladder match against Rey Mysterio over the custody of Dominik.

Instead of storming down to the ring to derail Guerrero's chances of seizing the briefcase as Mysterio was pinned under the ladder during the SummerSlam 2005 bout, Vickie was nowhere to be seen. This led to the pair of pals-turned-enemies having to think on the spot, with Rey awkwardly nudging away the steps and Eddie crumbling to the ground before screaming out "where the f*ck was Vickie?!"

In the end, she wouldn't make the same mistake twice, finally sprinting out as Eddie found himself in a similar position after stalling for time. But, oh boy, did Eddie not like taking that unneccessary bump!


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