11 Times WWE Titles Changed Hands At Non-Televised Live Events

WWE gold changing hands when the cameras aren't rolling...

WWE titles do not usually change hands at a house show/non-televised event. At least not these days, with TV and pay-per-view (or Network specials) being so so important and the scene were most major storyline developments happen.

In the 1970s and early 80s, professional wrestling wasn't as widely televised. The big money was made on the house shows, and television was essentially used as an advertisement for them. Titles would change hands frequently at house shows as a way to get punters into the arenas.

As TV and PPV became more and more important, house show title changes became less and less common. Less commonplace, yes, but not extinct. Every now and again, WWE still felt the need to mix things up on the non-televised shows, for a number of reasons.

Perhaps the switch was necessitated due to injury, or maybe the call was made to help get over a hometown hero or create the sense that 'anything can happen at a WWE event'. Whatever the reason, the Intercontinental, Tag Team, Women's, Cruiserweight and even the WWE Title itself swapped owners when cameras weren't rolling.

I have looked back through the WWE history books (well, a few online archives anyway) and noted eleven significant WWE title changes that took place on house shows. I have decided to focus on changes that occurred from the 90s onwards since, as I mentioned before, house show title changes were a little more frequent in the 70s and 80s.

I've also neglected to mention the Hardcore Championship, which changed hands about 120 times on house shows during the 24/7 period.

Nobody cared about those, but they might have cared about these...


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