11 Ups & 0 Downs From AEW Dynamite (May 31 - Review)

CM Punk is BACK and AEW roars back into life with a phenomenal post-Double Or Nothing Dynamite.

CM Punk Jon Moxley

Beyond a mixed tag team match booked during Sunday's Double Or Nothing and yet another "Tony Khan big announcement" segment relating directly to the debut edition of Collision, there was nothing else announced for the post-pay-per-view Double Or Nothing until hours before the show.

Strategy, or a reveal of some late changes to a telecast typically all locked in by Wednesday morning at the latest? And either way, is it yet another sign of things to come from an All Elite Wrestling Khan noted multiple times during Sunday's post-show scrum would be going through some changes? It was as though he was trying to cut through recent niggling criticisms there - some iffy booking for the last few months had seen several bad habits creep in, to the point that even Kris Statlander's shocking and euphoric TBS Championship came with concerns about WWE-adjacent impromptu matches.

Nonetheless, it wasn't as if there wasn't anything to get to. New Champions, new shows starting, a new game ready to drop, and some new directions for a roster in need of a shake-up. As matches were drip-fed to the world via Khan's Twitter, the anticipation built, and for more than just whatever was set for June 17th's United Center showcase.

Did the ends justify the means?

Let’s light the fuse…

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