11 Wrestlers WWE Fired And Then Immediately Rehired

Welcome back from your future endeavours.

The smelly stench of 15 April's 'Black Wednesday' exodus is still lingering over WWE's PR department like a cloud, but most guessed that WWE might make a considerable u-turn and quickly rehire at least one of the released masses. After all, it wouldn't be the first time this company has terminated a talent's contract, briefly mulled things over and then hastily reversed their decision.

WWE do this a lot.

The reasons aren't always simple (this is pro wrestling - when is anything ever simple?), and the promotion don't always deserve sh*t from fans for ruthlessly canning a worker. Sometimes, they can point the finger of blame at wrestlers themselves for their behaviour. That's all well and good...until Vince McMahon realises he wants them back on the road ASAP.

Everyone here was ousted from the company sphere for a few months at best before being welcomed back from their future endeavours like nothing had happened. Some others barely even had time to line up work elsewhere before getting the call to make their return.

Again, nothing is ever simple in this wacky biz...

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