11 WWF Title Challengers No One Remembers

How the heck did any of these jobbers get a shot at the company's top title?!

Ted DiBiase Jr

The WWE title still stands as one of the most prestigious belts in wrestling history. Mere mentions of the name causes images of legends like Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Bret Hart, and John Cena to flood the mind of even some of the most casual fans.

Just as strong as the list is of people that have won it, is the list of wrestlers who had gotten so far, but were never able to grab that brass ring. Jon Morrison, who held top gold in just about every promotion he worked for, could never break through. Neither could Razor Ramon, one of the best wrestlers in the Kliq.

While many legends have challenged for the belt and never won it, even more perplexing is the WWE title's history of challengers who were just some guy, random midcarders and jobbers who got their push to the spotlight as quickly as they would lose it. Some worked a title match simply as a filler defence between major shows, came in as odd one-offs that happened in front of a TV audience, or just looked like extras in a stacked multi-man match.

Whichever way it might have been, all the challengers on this list left a lot of people scratching their heads wondering why they were there in the first place.

11. Carlito

Ted DiBiase Jr

People often forget just how vital to John Cena's push Carlito was. He was the first wrestler to really put a dent in Cena, hitting him with the chain necklace to steal the US title. He also ended Shelton Benjamin's long reign with the intercontinental championship, holding it for 90 days himself before losing it to Ric Flair.

When Cena hit his high point, riding as Raw's top man with the WWE title, he was set to face his biggest challenge up to that point, taking on his old rival Carlito, and three other former world champions in the Elimination Chamber at the 2006 edition of New Year's Revolution.

Carlito was a house on fire that match, eliminating three of the six men before finally succumbing to Super-Cena, who used every ounce of his power to overcome the odds.

Even after winning this match, Cena would still lose the title, becoming the first victim of the Money In The Bank cash-in at the hands of Edge.

Carlito still managed to have a decent career for himself after this match, despite never getting close to the main title again. He and his brother Primo would go on to make history in the WWE as the first unified tag team champions, uniting both the tag titles from Raw and SmackDown.


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