12 Best WWE Royal Rumble Performances Ever

11. Shayna Baszler (2020)

shawn michaels royal rumble 2010

You’d be forgiven if you forgot, but Shayna Baszler also had a dominant 2020 Royal Rumble, bursting onto the scene with eight eliminations as well.

What makes Baszler’s run more impressive is that she tore through the field in less than five minutes after entering at #30. She legitimately looked like she was going to win the entire Rumble, tossing Beth Phoenix, Naomi, Toni Storm and Carmella, among others. She had Charlotte Flair on the ropes before the Queen managed to toss her last to win the Rumble.

Baszler would then turn that performance into a launching pad for her jump to the Raw roster, where she beat all five opponents in the Elimination Chamber, looking like an unbeatable badass. Of course, this being WWE, Shayna is now part of an Odd Couple tag team with Nia Jax.


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