12 Current WWE Stars Who Will Win A World Title Within 5 Years

Not everyone makes it to the top of the mountain, but these dozen Superstars definitely will.

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WWE's current roster is positively overflowing with talent.

Thanks to the twin strategies of improving developmental and raiding the indies, WWE has packed its ranks with a stunning array of talent from all over the world, many of them undeniably of championship caliber.

This unprecedented roster depth, combined with the reintroduction of the brand split and a scramble to create new stars, means that many of these stars will wind up holding a World championship before their current tenure in WWE is over. WWE is undergoing a changing of the guard. Long term title scene mainstays like Kane, Undertaker, Big Show and Mark Henry are retiring or clearly slowing down. Even John Cena, once the poster boy for making every town and working every show, has taken on a vastly reduced schedule. The next five years will undoubtedly see the rise of a new crop of World champions, and these twelve men are at the forefront of it.

For the purposes of this article, "World title" means WWE Championship or Universal Championship, and "current star" means anyone regularly competing on either the main or developmental rosters.

Some of these future champions have a long way to go and some should probably have been there already, but they will win the big one before they're through.

12. Big Cass

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In the era of the Wellness Policy, when truly gargantuan specimens are hard to come by, Colin Cassady's size is a tremendous asset. To phrase it in a way that encourages crowd participation, Big Cass is (nearly) seven feet tall, and you can't teach that. What you can teach, however, is how to best use that size. As soon as Cass learns to wrestle like an actual giant and not just a really tall regular guy, he's going to pose a unique threat to the rest of the roster.

What Cass really needs to do, however, is break from Enzo Amore. While the pair is very over, Enzo's role of physically helpless hype man has doubly hamstrung Big Cass. Enzo's promo skills functionally relegate Cass to spelling out "SAWFT", while his in-ring skills have prevented the team from winning a big match... basically ever.

One day, after one embarrassing tag team loss too many, Cass is going to punt Enzo's ridiculous head off of his neck and show the mean streak that will put him on the path to gold.

Time Until Championship: 4-5 years.

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