12 Dream Joe Rogan Experience Guests We Need To See

11. Zack Snyder


With the current super hero obsessed landscape in Hollywood, Marvel is one of the hottest properties on the market right now. Joe Rogan took advantage of this when he recently brought Robert Downey Jr onto the pod, with a big chunk of it dedicated to the actor's time as Iron Man.

The other big name in super hero movies is DC, which has in recent years been a lot more polarising and controversial than Marvel. The biggest driving force behind the DCEU, at least at the beginning, was Zack Snyder, who ultimately left the franchise.

An appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience would allow Snyder a real chance to tell what happened behind the scenes on the likes of Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. Not to mention building the demand for the Snyder Cut of the latter even more so.

Discussion between the two could go far beyond that of movies however, should Snyder wish to open up about the horrible time in his life dealing with his daughter's suicide. There are plenty of times the podcast has gotten emotional, and there would be potential for a real, powerful conversation between the two that really puts the significance of a disappointing movie into perspective.


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