12 Perfect Ways To Retire Current WWE Gimmicks (And How)

Time for Cody Rhodes to say goodbye to Goldust.

At the same time that Ronda Rousey and Conor Macgregor are knocking people out in UFC, there's a adult-sized eight-year old female and soccer hooligan with chin braids running around in WWE. As much as this may be reflective of WWE's desire to attract multiple demographics, it's also incredibly stupid sometimes, too. For WWE, it may be time to retire some, if not all of these unfortunate gimmicks, and be more reflective of modern times. For every Sasha Banks, there's a Bayley, for every Undertaker, an Ascension. If WWE can fix these obvious errors in creative judgement, it might be a way for the company to get on the road to financial sustainability. As well, from an in-ring standpoint, which would you rather see? Selfie-obsessed fashion model versus '80s metal fanatic, or talented grapplers with a grudge over an attractive woman? Here's 12 WWE gimmicks that need to die...and moreover, how to get that done.

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