12 Secret Mistakes You Didn't Realise WWE Have Already Made In 2024

WWE is definitely in the middle of a boom period. But it's secretly still far from perfect...

Cody Rhodes The Rock

2024 has been quite the year for the biggest wrestling organisation on the planet.

Multiple stadiums have been crammed full of passionate fans.

Stories have been finished.

Some of the strongest and most memorable in-ring contests of the decade have been unleashed.

The product in general hasn't felt this hot since the days of 'Texas Rattlesnake's unleashing hell alongside a 'Great One'.

However, even a promotion as on fire as WWE is right now still possesses the ability to get things wrong here and there. But with so much well-deserved praise and positivity being sent the company's way this year, some of their most disappointing or frustrating mistakes have actually managed to go unnoticed by a decent chunk of the fanbase.

Again, none of these errors or missteps have been bad enough to completely derail a product that is still selling out arenas and blowing the roof off of them on a weekly basis. But it's also possible that an already superb 2024 would have been even more successful had WWE not decided to bring certain talents into the company without a clear plan or stick to the same lazy format for a once-super entertaining annual event.

So, without further ado, let's look at the secret ways WWE have dropped the ball at times during an otherwise strong first half of 2024.

12. What Was The Point Of The Bron Breakker Bidding War?

Cody Rhodes The Rock

All credit to WWE, they didn't half make a big deal out of the main roster arrivals of both Bron Breakker and Jade Cargill earlier this year.

Over the course of those first few months of 2024, SmackDown and Raw General Managers Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce, respectively, did all they could to convince both stars to sign on the dotted line for their brand.

And in the end, this pair of superstar powerhouses ended up on the blue show, with Aldis showing off his new big name signings like a proud father. 

But then, despite managing to retain the services of Cargill, Aldis would go and lose his Breakker to the red brand in the 2024 Draft.


In kayfabe, Aldis and Pearce surely had to know that another Draft was likely on its way in the coming months, but still insisted on desperately trying to get these incoming free agents to join their team before 'Mania 40. And after finally convincing Breakker to become a SmackDown guy and just chucking him in a few squash matches, Aldis couldn't even find a way to squeeze him onto that 'Show of Shows' card. 

So, why not just wait until Draft season to try landing the former NXT Champion and not waste so much time and energy on a bidding war that would be rendered pointless just a few months later?

The more you think about this bidding mess, the more the whole thing just makes both GMs look like idiots.


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