12 Things You Didn't Know About WWE Champion Brock Lesnar

10. He Almost Signed For WCW & NJPW Before WWE

Brock Lesnar was hot property in 2000. Everyone wanted a piece of the huge, athletically gifted amateur wrestling champion. He had all of the potential in the world and many organisations were after his signature. Before WWE could get their man they first had to fight off interest from rival WCW and top Japanese promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling. The three companies all wanted Lesnar as they saw top star potential in him. Having three companies after him only drove Lesnar's price up and he was able to negotiate an incredible $250,000 per year contract to train at WWE's OVW training camp. WCW, which was a complete mess in 2000, was never a serious option for Lesnar. New Japan, on the other hand, was still drawing big crowds and doing good business at the time. Lesnar did eventually wrestle for NJPW in 2005 but the relationship was a tumultuous one. Lesnar even rejected a slap from NJPW president and legend Antonio Inoki, a right of initiation to the organisation and sign of respect.
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