12 Times American Football Crossed Over Into Wrestling

6. "Are You Ready For Some Wrestling?"

Vince Russo
WWE Network

In one of WWE' rare attempts at topical comedy that actually hit the mark, Vince parodied the controversial and bizarre sketch that had opened the previous week’s Monday Night Football. In that skit, Nicolette Sheridan of ABC's Desperate Housewives appeared in character (and a towel) to coax Philadelphia Eagles star Terrell Owens out of playing that night’s game in favor of satisfying her “needs”. Think you know what she meant.

The segment was met with a backlash for its sexual content. Disappointingly, there was also a bigoted subset of society appalled at the advert for depicting a white woman coupling with a black man. This unjustified outrage naturally garnered entirely justified counter-outrage.

In the end, the Federal Communications Commission launched a four-month investigation before finally ruling that the sight of Sheridan’s bare back did not violate broadcast decency standards.

In WWE’s version, it was Trish Stratus who showed up in the men’s locker room wearing only a towel in an attempt to seduce Shelton Benjamin. Before any funny business could go down, Vince McMahon himself interrupted, self-righteously pleading to preserve the moral fabric of America and and informing Shelton Benjamin that he was African-American.

After Benjamin exited, Vince gave Trish the signal to drop her towel and hop on the Chairman of the Board. “Are you ready for some wrestling!” shouted Vince, parodying the MNF slogan with a rare usage of the W-word from the boss.


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