12 Wrestlers Who Want To Quit WWE

11. Stacey Ervin Jr.


Stacey Ervin Jr. requested his WWE release in the same week as Ricardo Miller, though he has a little more tenure than the former football player.

Ervin Jr. joined the Performance Center back in May 2018. He arrived following an impressive trial three months trial, with the former gymnast making his house show debut in a match with Kassius Ohno in September.

WWE were so high on Stacey that they uploaded this showcase video their YouTube channel before he'd even signed:-

A concussion scare prompted Ervin Jr. to request his release. The prospect was reportedly knocked out during a house show match on the Florida loop, but was able to compose himself enough to finish the contest. This put things into perspective for Ervin Jr., who was granted time off to consider his options. We're yet to receive any further updates on the situation, so it's probably safe to assume that nothing has changed.

Ervin Jr.'s televised debut came on 13 February, when he teamed with Humberto Carrillo to face the Street Profits. He lost, but WWE officials were reportedly very, very high on him prior to the release request.


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