12 Wrestlers Who Want To Quit WWE

12. Ricardo Miller


One of two WWE newcomers to request their WWE release in March, Ricardo Miller only joined the Performance Center as part of the 11 February class alongside the likes of former indie standout ACH, the Mae Young Classic's Karen Q, and three-time Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Trevor Lee.

The 26-year-old was barely in the developmental system for two months before deciding he had had enough. There's no word on what prompted his decision, and whether or not his request was granted remains unknown.

WWE.com describes Miller as "a speedy tight end/wide receiver who played at the University of Michigan" during his pre-Performance Center college football career. He was a member of Michigan's 2011 Sugar Bowl Championship winning team, and later played for the University of Massachusetts, before trying his luck with the Saarland Hurricanes in the German Football League.

At 6'3 and 220lbs, Ricardo caught scouts' eyes at an Orlando-based WWE tryout in June 2018. He was considered a significant athletic prospect, though he has never been featured on NXT television.


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