12 WWE PPVs With Two Great World Title Matches

On these nights, one great World Title match was just not good enough...


Since WWE bought WCW all the way back in early 2001, there have been (so far) a total of 126 WWE pay-per-views with two World Championship matches.

The WWE Championship was obviously involved on all of those occasions. The WCW Heavyweight Championship accompanied the WWE's top belt in the first four - all in 2001. The Universal Championship has been the other one for the last 17 - ever since SummerSlam 2016. In all the other 105 times it happened, it was the 'Big Gold' World Heavyweight Championship belt.

There have been some PPVs with one of the matches being really good and the other not so great. Royal Rumble 2003 is a perfect example of that, with Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit being one of the best WWE title matches ever and Triple H vs. Scott Steiner being... one of the worst!

There have also been some where neither championship bout was particularly good.

However, today we'll be looking at twelve very rare occasions on which we were fortunate to see two tremendous WWE World Championship matches on the same night.


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