13 Things We Learned From Luke Harper On Talk Is Jericho

The enigmatic member of The Wyatt Family breaks character.

Luke Harper is one of the most interesting wrestlers on WWE's roster and someone who feels like a case of as-yet-untapped potential. Since joining the main crew as a member of Bray Wyatt's family a few years ago he's wowed crowds with his ring style which features a versatile moveset for a man of his size. After Wyatt set Harper and Rowan free and sent them on their way, Luke had a brief run as an upper-midcard heel and Intercontinental champion before the WWE brass decided to pull the plug and booked a Wyatt Family reunion. Now, along with new addition Braun Strowman, the family is back at full strength and in the midst of their highest profile feud to date. The Rochester, New York native and veteran of the independent scene sat down with Chris Jericho to discuss all things Luke Harper.

13. Scared In Saudi Arabia

We open with Jericho complimenting Luke on his beard and the dedication it must have taken to grow it, and he likens it to being fat. €œIt€™s really easy to do as long as you just give up on life.€ The interview is taking place from Saudi Arabia where the WWE is currently touring. The guys talk about what a stark difference the cultural environment is, and Luke tells a story where he was fearful for his safety. He was being transported by a car and driver when his vehicle was involved in a traffic dispute with another motorist, and the two drivers engaged in a back and forth war of words. Growing nervous, Harper kept asking his chauffeur is everything was okay and he received a response of €œI think so€, which did nothing to reassure him. The car got behind theirs and followed them to their destination. When they arrived, the men got out and had a heated confrontation which Luke thought would lead to violence, but the dispute ended as abruptly as it began and his driver told him everything was fine and he could exit the vehicle. The also discuss how bizarre it is that the show they ran packed 35,000 in the arena with none of them being females. Jericho adds the tickets even had €œmales only€ printed on them.

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