13 Worst Botches In WWE History

When it goes wrong in pro wrestling, it goes very wrong!

As every fan should know by now, professional wrestling is a scripted and choreographed slice of entertainment mimicking the appearance of a genuine sporting contest. The exact extent of the scripting and choreography that€™s required in advance depends on both the participants and the people running the match. For example, in today€™s WWE almost every interview, promo and match is written and planned in advance, while many indie promotions take pride in their roster being able to execute promos and flawless matches on the fly, as was usual in the days before WWE€™s dominance of the industry. Regardless of the amount of planning involved, when someone makes a mistake, it€™s usually painfully obvious€ sometimes literally so, when the error occurs in the execution of a move that needs to be performed in a certain way to be safe. This countdown is dedicated to the thirteen worst €“ or best, when it comes to the amusing ones €“ botches in recent WWE history.

13. Sin Cara Botches His Entire WWE Career

The first entry in our list is more to get it out of the way, really. An entire article could be written counting down the Mexican wrestling catastrophe Sin Cara€™s many in-ring botches, which eventually resulted in his release from the company. Several of these botches lead to self-inflicted injuries €“ like his failed flip out of the ring at Survivor Series 2011, which left him with a ruptured patella. Watch Kofi Kingston perform the move flawlessly to his left while Sin Cara becomes tangled up in his own incompetence above. Then there€™s the slightly less awkward but possibly more embarrassing Fingergate. Sin Cara had dislocated a finger earlier in a match with Alberto Del Rio, and then exacerbated the problem during a botched tope through the ropes. This was potentially more embarrassing, because Sin Cara immediately beckoned to the referee and had the match stopped, something practically unthinkable in the macho world of professional wrestling.
Of course, there€™s also this gem of a video, in which even some flannel from the announcers and the future Curtis Axel staggering about in the foreground outside of the ring can€™t obscure the fact that Sin Cara has just botched grandstanding in the centre of the ring€ and landed flat on his own face. That€™s right. He was on his own in the ring at the time.

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