13 Wrestlers In Situations That Scared The Sh*t Out Of Them

"You want me to do what?!"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfsSIoNWRyg Vince McMahon has asked his wrestlers to do some "s**t scary" things over the years. How do you think Shawn Michaels felt when he had to zipwire from the arena roof to the floor ringside at WrestleMania 12? Bear in mind he gliding in from 70 feet up, in front of 18000 fans, and about to wrestle for one hour straight! It's a situation that'd scare the s**t out of most of people! Michaels was a trooper though, as you'll find out later in this list, he did many scary things that McMahon asked of him. We'll look at several wrestlers who went through situations that'd scare the hell out of you, real life moments that were above and beyond the job. Credit to Vince McMahon though, there isn't a single thing he'd ask his performers to do that he wouldn't do himself. When HBK zipwired in at Mania 12, Vince himself had demonstrated the zipwire earlier in the day. The Chairman is a fearless leader, which is what he also expects of his wrestlers. Here's 13 scary situations that WWE workers found themselves in!

13. Ric Flair In A Full Scale International Riot

People took wrestling seriously back in the day, very seriously indeed. It was viewed as a full on shoot, enjoying the same perception that UFC has today. Some of the most passionate fans of this era were located in the international territories - they simply had to see their patriotic heroes winning. An American 'going over' in the Caribbean or South American regions was never a good idea. Yet that's the situation Ric Flair found himself in the mid-80's. He was NWA Champion, defending the belt the world over. Arriving in the Dominican Republic, Naitch could feel the tension in the air. He was booked to beat Jack Veneno, a smaller star who was promising to bring glory to the Caribbean. Flair got the s**t scared feeling when he realised that 30,000 people had been turning up just to watch Veneno train. What reaction would these people have when their hero lost? On the night of the contest, a creative finish was booked to get round this. The bell rang just as Flair passed out in a sleeper. The finish looked like either man could have won. A fearful Flair left the belt in the ring and ran for his life. Speaking in his autobiography, Naitch says the following "What followed was a full scale riot. People were throwing chairs and fighting with the military police."
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