13 Wrestlers In Situations That Scared The Sh*t Out Of Them

12. John Cena Cripples The Boss

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QLe_tAQ2Rs At Royal Rumble 2005, John Cena indirectly crippled Vince McMahon. He also ruined Dave Batista's big Royal Rumble moment, tarnishing the end of the January pay per view. It went down when both Cena and Batista were brawling at the ring ropes at the end of the Rumble. The predetermined result was that Batista should win. Unfortunately, the rookie Cena accidentally dumped the big man over the top rope. This resulted in Vince McMahon coming out to restart the match. Cena had fell over the rope after Batista, so WWE sold it as if both men had finished a draw. That's when things went from bad to cataclysmic. Vince rolled into the ring to start proceedings, but somehow managed to tear both his quads as he jumped up. That left the chairman having to sit in a heap in the ring. John must have been terrified of getting backstage. Can you imagine what McMahon's wrath must have been like over all of this? It's a miracle that Cena ever got another chance at the main events. He would absolutely have been s******g himself that night!
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