15 Richest WWE Superstars Of All Time

Here comes the money.

Triple H is fond of saying 'in this business' when he is referring to wrestling or, specifically, WWE. He takes a lot of flack for this (because it sounds so needlessly intense) but he's right: this is a business. And what is the primary focus of any business? To make money. WWE, despite the recent catastrophe that was the Network subscription numbers, still makes a ridiculous amount of money. Although people may claim that WWE's business is faltering, they're not going to go broke any time soon. But what about the wrestlers themselves? We all know that Vince McMahon was, at one point, a legitimate billionaire. He's the man that makes the most money from WWE, of course. The wrestlers, on the other hand, often literally break their backs for the company only to be stiffed on pay. The recent failure of the Network and the cannibalisation of pay-per-view have left a lot of wrestlers worried about their payoffs. Rightfully so: wrestlers can't wrestle forever and have a limited shelf-life in WWE. Some wrestlers, however, have made some serious money over the years. Here are the fifteen richest WWE Superstars of all time. *note* I have not included Vince or Stephanie McMahon. Net worth is an estimate drawn from several different sources. I have tried to use the most consistent figure for each performer.

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