15 Richest WWE Superstars Of All Time

15. Jeff Hardy (Net Worth: $12m)

Jeff Hardy has had some very good years in wrestling. He was a featured act of the fruitful and financially rewarding Attitude Era along with brother Matt. Jeff was on all of the pay-per-views, house shows and TV shows. Along with that, Jeff no doubt made a killing in merchandise. The Hardy boys were extremely popular from 2000-2002, when they split up. Even after that, Jeff shifted a lot of merchandise. It was one of the reasons that WWE tried to hold on to him while he struggling with his personal issues. Hardy was no doubt paid handsomely for working a limited schedule for TNA between 2004 and 2006. His earnings would have increased dramatically in 2006 when he re-joined WWE. Jeff made it to the main even and became a bonafide superstar in 2009 and must have made a fortune during his championship run. Would have earned more were it not for two costly suspensions. A sixty-day suspension in 2008 must have cost Hardy over $100,000. (credit: therichest.com)

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