15 Things We Learned From Paige On Stone Cold's WWE Network Podcast

Opens up about her unique family, renaming the divas championship and receiving death threats.

The unfolding drama surrounding Hulk Hogan threw in a wrench in the plans for The Hulkster to be the next guest on WWE Network's version of The Steve Austin Show. Instead of sitting down with the disgraced icon, an audible was called and Paige was chosen to replace The Immortal. With her appearances on Tough Enough, Paige is proving herself to have quite the strong personality, and she's been given the chance to open up much more than she has on traditional WWE programming. Paige opened up with one of her idols and talked about her unique wrestling family, her goals for the business and her controversial stint as a judge on the current season of Tough Enough. Here's 15 Things We Learned From Paige On The Stone Cold Podcast...

15. Critiquing Herself

The two open up discussing Paige's match on Monday Night Raw, and Steve asks her how she felt about the match. Paige replies that she thought it was good, but that she can think of things that could have been done differently. Austin asks if she's cognizant enough to critique her own performance as it's happening or if she goes back and watches it and does it then, and she responds that she can't watch her own matches but that she's fully aware when she's in the moment. Stone Cold says that Paige has a foul mouth like he does and inquires if she ever curses at her opponents, and she says she does and has to apologize so they don't think she's having a go at them. She adds that she's told all the time to calm down and be more ladylike.

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