15 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Vince McMahon

RIP Vince McMahon (1945-2007). Wait, what?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PlNDLrIvqM There should probably be a conduct clause written into every wrestling contract to remind stars that you die by the sword you sharpen for yourself. Loud-mouths, tattle-tails and self-important show-offs who don't heed the almighty power of the brand all end up blacklisted. Poor conduct leads to short tenure, and being an idiot usually bites you. So you'd think that anyone in a position of power with a track record of controversy, embarrassing creative decisions and general disrepute would be dealt with severely. But what the hell are you supposed to do when it's the supreme leader? Well, you sweep everything under the carpet and just hope nobody ever brings it up again...

15. He Was Once The Lead Announcer

It's fair to say that Vince McMahon was a memorable, although not necessarily a great, announcer. He was pretty bad at actually calling actual moves, relying on the ripe-for-parody catchphrase 'what a manoeuvre!' when the name of a particular hold escaped him. Another popular Vince-ism was when somebody would go for a pinfall he would bellow out: "One...Two...He got him! No. No. He didn't get him." He did it all the time. Fans would usually just laugh at how over-the-top he was with a lot of the things he did. When Vince was the announcer, most people didn't know that he was actually the owner and booker of the company, too. There were some instances in 1996 and then even more so in 1997 where they started to point out that he was actually the owner of the company. Before that, most fans had no idea. By late 1997, he stopped announcing and became a regular on-screen character. Very rarely did he venture back into the broadcast booth but up until then, he was a fixture behind the desk.
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