15 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Vince McMahon

14. Tearing Both Quads At The 2005 Royal Rumble

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QLe_tAQ2Rs It's not nice to laugh at someone when they hurt themselves, but in this case... After Cena and Batista made a mess of the finish of the 2005 Royal Rumble match (by accidentally hitting the floor at exactly the same time), improvisation was required. The Raw and Smackdown officials at ringside were as confused as anyone and tried to cover the botch by declaring their brand's respective superstar the winner. Vince, who was watching the show from the Gorilla position backstage, was pitching a fit. How could they mess up the finish to one of the most important matches of the year? Not content with barking out orders via his earpiece, Vince instead opted to come to ringside himself and bark out revised booking instructions. In the excitement of it all, he accidentally bashed his kneecap off the ring apron when sliding into the ring. Vince tried to stand up...and immediately fell down. He had blown out his quad. Credit to Vince, though: he didn't sell the injury at all, continuing to look furious as he sat on his arse and admonished the wrestlers. Once backstage, Vince refused to be helped out of the building, insisting he could leave under his own power. He couldn't: Vince blew out the other quad while trying to exit the building.
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