15 Tweets WWE & TNA Don't Want You To Find

If in doubt, just delete everything...

Now is a good time to be involved in WWE's social media team: the official accounts have just surpassed a massive 500 million followers, including 108 million on Twitter. That's impressive going for anything not legitimately deemed "mainstream". But WWE should be painfully aware that Twitter in particular is a double-edged sword. It's a good brand building ground, fertile with opportunities, but it's also subject to personal egos and bad decisions that they can't control until after the fact. That statement explains not only why there have been some notorious Twitter scandals in the past, but also why they're usually deleted as swiftly as they appear. When Twitter made every Tweet in the history of the social network available to find via search engines they sent a lot of people scrabbling backwards in time, making sure their "younger, more naive" selves didn't commit acts of grand professional sabotage. That has bitten one upcomer already in quite spectacular style with the Havok saga, but it's far from the only time ghosts from WWE and TNA past have either appeared or been swept away. Sometimes it's simply a matter of not having strong passwords and allowing some hacker with a penchant for outrage to log-in and post something extremely defamatory. Whether it came from the wrestler's own fingers or not, it's still a source of supreme embarrassment...

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