15 Ways WWE Has Already Ruined Their Own 2020 Draft

Bleeding red or blue for a month or two.

The 2020 WWE Draft took place between 9-12 October on SmackDown, Raw and the supplementary Talking Smack and Raw Talk chat shows. In total, Stephanie McMahon was tasked with reading 50 picks from little pieces of cardboard on telly, then WWE announced a further 10 picks later.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this meant a whopping 60 acts had switched brands during the Draft, but that's not the case. In fact, most of the picks stayed put on the same shows they'd been on in the first place, and that meant the entire exercise was a quite astounding waste of everybody's time.

Is this the worst WWE Draft ever? It could be.

Since those picks were announced, Steph has gone back to her day-to-day office duties behind the scenes and WWE has run four episodes of affected TV (two each for Raw and SmackDown; NXT was barely even mentioned throughout the Draft) and one pay-per-view (Hell In A Cell).

The company also spent much of October totally undermining the purpose of the Draft. Confused? Here's an explanation of everything that went wrong...


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