15 WWE Superstars With The Most Wins At SummerSlam

Forget Mr. Wrestlemania, how about Mr. Summerslam?!


With the biggest spectacle of the summer right around the corner, what better time to look at the stats behind the WWE's SummerSlam PPV? More specifically, it's time to take a look at who's collected the most wins since the annual event began all the way back in 1988.

In terms of wins, anything goes for this list. Be it in singles or tag team competition, pinfalls, submissions, DQs, countouts and any recognised way of winning the particular matches that have taken place all count towards the ever-important figures here. 

What aren't taken into consideration are the matches that took place on the PPV pre-show or on the likes of Sunday Night Heat - these stats are based purely on the main SummerSlam cards that we've had for the 14 years. 

And yes, it's worth noting that this particular piece has been penned before this year's SummerSlam show, meaning that there could even be some movement in the rankings here once all is said and done after the biggest event of the Summer comes to a close.

So with that said, let's take a look at just who has the most SummerSlam wins of all time.


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