15 WWE Superstars With The Most Wins At SummerSlam

15. CM Punk - 4 Wins


When it comes to SummerSlam, CM Punk’s record is split firmly down the middle, with 4 wins and 4 losses.

Win or lose, the Straight-Edge Superstar has a habit of putting on a classic when competing at this particular PPV. 

His first SummerSlam win came as he retained the World Heavyweight Championship against JBL in 2008. Then, in one of Punk’s biggest ever victories, he defeat Jeff Hardy for the same title in a stunning TLC match in 2009.

After becoming the hottest superstar on the planet after his pipebomb and walking out on the company, Punk’s big return to the WWE led to him defeating the once-unbeatable John Cena again to become the Undisputed WWE Champion at SummerSlam 2011. The following year he’d again walk out with the WWE Championship after battling Cena and The Big Show in a triple threat match.

As ever when looking at anything CM Punk related, it’s always tinged with a sense of sadness that his wrestling legacy (and SummerSlam record) will never be added to.


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