16 Things You Probably Missed From Last Night’s WWE SmackDown (August 13)

KO echoing every wrestling fan, Charlotte paying homage to Andrade circumcision?

Buddy Murphy is nothing but a dirty rotten liar, or so says an outraged Daniel Bryan.

In the eyes of the angry eco warrior, Rowan has been absolved from blame, and the team's collective reputation has been spared the indignity of being caught up in this Roman Reigns drama. Not so fast, because there are surely other twists and turns coming, and a Bryan vs. Reigns feud makes the most sense right now.

At least Buddy got to have a scorching match with Roman on the latest SmackDown. Look closely and you might've spotted a few excellent moments. Or, if you skimmed through it, you'd have missed them and missed Murphy's breakout performance on the blue brand. He looked every bit as good as Ali did in the same sort of spot earlier this year.

This article has dimmed lights, circumcision (not literally, don't worry), special anniversaries, hidden tributes to lovers, audible production cues and David Otunga being more interesting off camera than he ever was on it. There are 16 things you probably missed in total, and here they come...


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