16 Wrestlers Who Must Feature In WWE's Crown Jewel World Cup

Crown Jewel’s Rimet will be gleaming.

WWE World Cup

At time of writing, details on the first ever World Cup of professional wrestling— WCPW did it in 2017, but honesty never stopped WWE before—are scarce.

WWE won’t mirror football’s World Cup format, we can infer that much. It’s not practical, there aren’t 32 separate nationalities within even WWE’s bloated roster, and the introduction of VAR technology this year mitigated embarrassment on behalf of the referees. WWE portrays its referees as gibbering buffoons because their buffoonery acts as a convenient excuse to drag out storylines. Just ask AJ Styles, about five times.

But the old 16-team Euros model modified to a single-elimination tournament…?

16. India - Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal

Say what you like about Jinder Mahal, or Jinder Mahal's ability, or Jinder Mahal's veins, or Jinder Mahal's heavily aggressive nipples, but you cannot dispute the facts. He is a former WWE Champion, and former WWE Champions carry with them a certain pedigree.

If WWE wish to position this tournament as more than "look, here are 15 foreign people we're going to job out to an American" then they need to present as many of the entrants as possible as genuine contenders to win it. For some of them that'll be because they're genuinely great wrestlers who could use this tournament as their breakout moment, but others can be simply be because WWE have a horrible habit of booking them strongly.

Jinder is a) billed from a foreign country and b) someone they've stupidly had win things before. He's a shoe-in.


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