16 WWE Attitude Era Tag Teams You Totally Don't Remember

Full marks if you remember the name of Val Venis and the Godfather's tag team.

The Attitude Era was home to some of the most beloved tag teams in the history of the WWE. Those golden years saw illustrious pairings such as Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz rise through the ranks, winning multiple championships and putting on countless entertaining matches. Mega-teams of already-established main event stars captured the fans' imaginations too, alliances including The Brothers of Destruction and The Rock & Sock Connection. Even more comical teams such as the Headbangers or the Right To Censor heel stable hold a place in the hearts of Attitude Era fans, more for their status as relics of a treasured era than any great success in the ring. The enduring appeal of such figures was evident during the Dudley Boyz' recent shock return to Raw, a comeback which drew a raucous live reaction and social media response. But not every Attitude Era team is as easy to recall. For every Edge & Christian, there's a 'Lo Down', and for every Rock & Sock Connection, there's a 'New Midnight Express'. Here are 19 of the most bizarre, ill-advised, and ultimately forgettable tag teams in the history of the Attitude Era. Prepare to see a host of familiar faces in an unthinkable series of combinations.

16. Rikishi & Haku

Rikishi and Haku were one of those tag teams that loosely made sense. They came together due to their mutual Pacific Island heritage, and made a bulky, visually intimidating pair. It all started when Haku jumped ship from WCW in early 2001, making a shock appearance at the Royal Rumble. Perhaps an attempt to salvage Rikishi's disastrous heel turn - he did it for The Rock - the pair faced off against babyface teams such as the Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz, the Brothers of Destruction, and even in a handicap match against The Rock. Unfortunately for the duo, they were never given a Pay Per View appearance, and broke up shortly after forming - a decision largely made in the wake of Rikishi's eardrum injury. Haku only lasted a few more months in the company, largely competing on Sunday Night Heat.
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