16 WWE Attitude Era Tag Teams You Totally Don't Remember

15. Road Dogg & K-Kwik

Although better known as two thirds of the 3Live Kru, a TNA stable also featuring Konnan, the odd pairing of Ron 'K-Kwik' Killings and Road Dogg actually first came about in the WWF. Kwik was immediately paired with the former DX member upon his main roster debut, and the pair formed a fairly popular (if unsuccessful) babyface duo. The pair garnered big crowd reactions by rapping their own theme music during ring entrances, a gimmick Killings would carry over into his WWE return as R-Truth. Sadly the pair never really meshed in the ring, Kwik's high-octane, athletic offence often leaving Road Dogg in the dust. Despite this, they featured at Survivor Series 2001 alongside Billy Gunn and Chyna and at one point looked like they were destined for big things.
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