17 Reasons WrestleMania 17 Is The Greatest Wrestling PPV Ever

7. The Spear

Of all the images from Wrestlemania X7, the one that has lasted the test of time was Edge spearing Jeff Hardy off the top of the ladder. That image gets replayed more than Austin and McMahon shaking hands. Edge has remarked about how perfectly that spot would have to be timed in order for him and Jeff to not be seriously hurt. As it turns out, everything went off without a hitch. Jeff ended up hanging from the top of the ladder, hanging onto the belts. Bubba Ray Dudley pulled the ladder back, stuck underneath Jeff€™s legs, then Jeff let go. As he was swinging forward, Edge met him with a fantastic spear. Edge then bounced up from the spear, and the look on his face was one of pure shock. Both men rolled over unconscious. It may have been one of the most dangerous and best looking spots in Wrestlemania history.

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