17 Reasons WrestleMania 17 Is The Greatest Wrestling PPV Ever

6. The Gimmick Battle Royal

The WWE has riden the nostalgia wave plenty of times over the past 15 years. However, before Wrestlemania X7, the WWF was more about thumbing their nose at the past, rather than celebrating it. So at the time, the Gimmick Battle Royal was a really big deal. Many names from the past who hadn€™t appeared on WWF television in years came out with their theme music. It was great seeing guys like Earthquake, Hillbilly Jim, The Iron Sheik, The Bushwackers, and many more. However, the real highlight of the Battle Royal was the fact that Bobby Heenan got to commentate on a WWF show for the very last time. Despite accidentally calling Jim Ross €œTony€ as in Schiavone (force of habit and nerves, probably), it was great hearing his voice one more time, alongside Mean Gene Okerlund, who also made his return to WWF television for the first time in eight years. Sadly, €œThe Brain€ would develop throat cancer over the next couple years.

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