17 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (Aug 27)

Randy Orton hates screaming kids, The Miz loves Wedding Crashers and SmackDown hates fans?

Roman Reigns

The 'whodunit' saga involving Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Erick Rowan and some guy who sort of/almost/kinda' looks like Erick Rowan rolls on without any conclusion in sight. It's likely to stretch until Clash Of Champions at least, or maybe WWE will wait to pull the trigger on a Reigns vs. Bryan match at Hell In A Cell.

This week, the 'Big Dog' was in no mood to apologise, and so he thumped Daniel with a Spear instead. The good news? Reigns vs. Bryan will hardly be bad in-ring, and the ongoing drama did throw up one gem of a moment this week. There were loads of others hidden in the program elsewhere too.

WWE went from hiding the low crowd numbers in Baton Rouge to exposing them within the same two-hour show, there was a slight change in acceptable company terminology, Ali and Buddy Murphy tore the house down (and incorporated some New Japan and AEW flavour), and The Miz quoted movies from 2005.

Other than that, look forward to dodgy camera angles, Randy Orton hating on kids and more foreboding before an unwanted name change...


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