17 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (Nov 29)

Babyface turn hints, VAR checks in wrestling and muscling in on "Big Dave's" girl...

Presumably, the "new face" Bray Wyatt spoke of before SmackDown was a rearranged Daniel Bryan.

That'd explain why Wyatt's 'Fiend' ripped clumps of Dan's hair out at the end of the show. Either that or Bray was referring to his new customised Universal Title. No, not the colour switch from red to blue he unveiled recently, but one that's literally in his image. Could that be WWE's way of dropping a hint for the future?

That's just one of the little things you might've missed on this week's FOX-y blue brand show. Fans in Birmingham, Alabama were pumped up for SmackDown, and their excitement helped make it a more palatable production. They also made it fun to stay glued to the screen and find all manner of hidden gems, including refs barking orders, heels answering to insults, ring announcers with the munchies and more.

Other delights include Bryan paying attention to his ring positioning before a big spot, Cesaro looking to integrate technology from other sports, Robert Roode temporarily morphing into the legendary Ric Flair and Elias jumping on Batista's girl.


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