17 WTF Moments From WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

It felt wrong picking faults from this show...


Is there a chance that NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn was the best show WWE has put on in the last decade? Maybe more? I certainly think it has a strong case.

Every single match from the top of the card all the way down to Austin Aries vs. No Way Jose had their moments. TakeOver:Brooklyn proved to be that rare breed of WWE show that kept you engaged for the full three hours, rather than diving in and out of killer action and painful filler segments.

Since you're reading this article, I'm guessing you already know the results of the show; a set of results that provided us with one huge WTF Moment.

While just about everybody knows that Bayley will be graduating to the main roster some time next month, making her defeat to Asuka expected, Shinsuke Nakamura's win over Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship presumably pins the King of Strong Style down to a prolonged stint in 'developmental'.

After being left out of the draft, many expected the former New Japan Pro Wrestling man to be brought up as a shock in the not too distant future. However, now he has the strap on his shoulder, the next NXT Champ will be a made man as any win over Nakamura at this point will make a bonafide Superstar.

Nakamura is now NXT's Brock Lesnar, if you will.

Here are all the WTF Moments from NXT TakeOver:Brooklyn II...

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