17 WTF Moments From WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

17. No Tomspiracy?!?!?!


Somebody hold me... Tom Phillips has appeared on a televised WWE event and has been allowed to stand up normally.

Call the authorities. This just isn't normal.

Keen followers of Tomspiracies, such as me, will know that the company have made one of their leading announcers look like an absolute fool in recent times.

In his role as a backstage interviewer on RAW, if Tom's interviewee is smaller than he is, WWE force the tall and slender Phillips to stand with his legs far apart to make him smaller than the star on the other end of his mic.

This would be fine if the Tomspiracies, as they've become known on the interweb, were hidden. However, in recent times, theyve began to creep into live segments on RAW, while they've also recklessly been put on WWE's Snapchat feed and Instagram page.

Just hire a smaller backstage interviewer for goodness sakes. Look at how good Tom looks stood up!

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