18 Things We Learned From Enzo & Big Cass On The Steve Austin Show

15. Training For Wrestling

Enzo and Cass

Colin started researching wrestling schools in the area and discovered the school in Brooklyn ran by WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz at Gleason's Gym beneath the Manhattan Bridge. He went over, met with Johnny and began training the next week.

Austin asks Cass what his actual height is and he says it's 6'9" as Steve wants to know what his trainer's reaction was to seeing someone with his size come in the door, and if he thought he had potential.

Cass responds that he thinks so because he was immediately paired up with a veteran wrestler named Bad Billy Walker, a cowboy character who was the main event worker of their shows. Colin was cast as his nephew with the ring name Big Billy Young, and he began serving as Walker's heater.

The three share a laugh about Cass having to portray a cowboy from Lubbock, Texas and how difficult it was for him.

Cass says that once you paid your $3,000 tuition fee at Rodz' school you were a member for life, and while you were under no obligation to attend classes, he would obviously commit more time and effort to the guys who were showing the dedication.


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