19 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Shawn Michaels

19. His Outfit At Survivor Series 2002 Wasn't Ready

When Michaels returned to a WWE ring at SummerSlam he did so in heroic fashion. He beat Triple H in a great brawl that is considered one of the best matches of his career. He didn't wrestle again until three months later Survivor Series in the first Elimination Match. While the match and moment were positive experiences in his career because he ended up winning what would be his last major World Title, it was his look and outfit on the night that got a lot of people talking. Michaels explained in his book that he wasn't sure when he was going to wrestle again, so he was unable to have HBK style tights made prior to the match. As a result, he wore these pale brown pants and cowboy style boots instead of the regular wrestling boots we were used to seeing. By the time he started wrestling regularly again, he was in full HBK gear for the rest of his career. But it's a such such a big moment in HBK's second career run will forever be remembered for that hideous attire.

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