19 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (Dec 2)

Guns, handcuffs, lies, botches and the creepiest ref you'll ever see...

You wouldn't know WWE are less than two weeks away from another pay-per-view.

To date, no matches have been formally announced for TLC on 15 December, though it is worth noting that both Roman Reigns vs. 'King' Corbin in a Tables effort and Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors are being advertised locally in Minneapolis. They're not 100% nailed on however, so watch this space.

This week's Raw had 19 hidden gems to crow about, and they're all here. In amongst both Lana and Bobby Lashley getting arrested, one of the rent-a-cops almost stole the show with his blissfully ignorant lack of positioning, and Jerry Lawler's commentary of the same segment is worth listening to again; the legend harked back to 1996 with some of his lines.

Other things you might've missed include Seth Rollins telling little porkies, Kevin Owens proving he's at least 50% smarter than most wrestling babyfaces, Akira Tozawa almost earning himself a trip to hospital and fans encouraging Rusev to sign for the competition.

Please note, the rest of this article will be written in Albanian or Punjabi...

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