2 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE NXT UK (10 June)

'Forever Champion' no more, Symbiosis return to form, WALTER is also there.

Meiko Satomura NXT UK Women's Champion

NXT UK is legitimately in a territory where if the matches are decent, the promos/vignettes won't be, and vice versa.

There wasn't a single decent promo from last night's show, while two out of the three in-ring bouts on offer were either good or banging. Andy Wild and Dan Moloney vs. Symbiosis was fun, and Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura's second Women's Championship clash was miles above their original clash. That in itself is a reason to watch this week's show, if you can scrape yourself through the rest of the night.

WALTER's return for the first time since NXT UK Prelude was hyped up. He said nothing new. Jordan Devlin's in-ring return wasn't hyped up at all, but still went down against Saxon Huxley. It failed on every possible level. Other promos from Teoman, SUBCULTURE, and Gallus simply weren't enjoyable and/or were worth the hassle.

It genuinely isn't that hard to fix these mistakes. Take Devlin vs. Huxley as a prime example; the latter didn't need to dominate because he's never been deemed important in WWE, and his opponent was wrestling for the first time in a number of weeks. A squash match would have sufficed.

WWE's creative writing, or rather lack thereof, boggles your writer's mind daily. Let's get to it...

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