2 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE Starrcade 2019

The WWE Network presents a different kind of WCW tradition...

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The problem with nostalgia is, like the performers it deploys, it gets old. When WWE joylessly brought back Starrcade as a souped-up house show in 2018, they sapped a good portion of its very meaning in presentation alone.

It was was vintage Vince McMahon, in fact - he'd grown out of his anti-WCW bias a few years after it started making him a f*cking fortune and served as the spine of his streaming service, but using his old rival's most prestigious brand as a house show Network hook almost felt like a degradation to its rich history.

Your writer is no fan of Cody nor his unsubtle affection for Atlanta's archives in AEW, but any longstanding wrestling fan would rather see its history lauded rather than let down. As is usually the case in WWE, the maiden edition at least made a bit of effort, before last year's was reduced to little more than the chopped up house show it was destined to become.

Into year three and with all the airs and graces well and truly shot to sh*t, how much further in interest levels could Starrcade 2019 really even fall? Well...


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